Six Months.. Dem na.

Come March 26, 2017, I’ve officially lived in Senegal for 6 months. I believe that’s a good cause for an updated blog post. Previously I went to Thies for two weeks of intensive training, but this time it was regarding more work specific topics (AgFo Techniques) and Grant Writing. Now that I am back in […]

Behavior Change

“If humankind poisons nature, nature will in return poison humankind.” This quote has been resonating with me for a few weeks now. It was presented to me in one of my AgFo sessions and has been on my mind since. Quick update; I’ve been back in Thies for training and have been learning a multitude […]

Cultural Exchange

The past three months have given me so much time to reflect upon myself, my thoughts and opinions on life, and on life in different countries. Too much time I might add haha. I consider myself an over-thinker and Peace Corps has challenged my mental strength far more than I thought it would. I’m constantly […]

Where’s Your Village Again?

Two weeks ago I installed into my new site, Sinthiou Ndiene (Pronounced like Sin – chew N – jin – ay). As short as two weeks seems, I have felt like I’ve lived there for months. My village is 5km into “the bush” from my main road town Malem Niani. The only way to my […]

Send Some Love

Hey Everyone! I’m swearing in as a volunteer tomorrow and then I’ll be moving out to my village within the next week, but for those that would love or want to send me letters or simple/helpful things from home that would be greatly appreciated! To avoid accumulating things I won’t hardly use in Senegal here is […]

Life in Tienaba

Although it hasn’t been quite two months yet, I figured after a very eventful 30 days with my home stay family I would share what I’ve experienced and basically what life was like with my Tienaba family. My family in Tienaba is very large, overwhelming, loud, crazy, and yet very fun and extremely loving, even […]

Happy Tambaween

Hello All! And Happy Halloween..  or shall I say Tambaween! My last post I mentioned that I was going to find out my permanent site for the next two years of my life. The PCVs and our LCFs blindfolded us and placed us on this map of Senegal we have painted on our basketball court. […]